Our Story

My name is Verna Fehr and I am the mum of two adorable little turds. I started the little Warrior small shop to combine my two loves; small shops and upcycling thrift finds. When my babies were born I realized how difficult it was to find unique, fun kids fashion for reasonable prices. That is how I discovered my first small shop, which led me to brand repping and eventually starting my own shop.
Upcycling is a love that has been passed down to me by my mother and Großmutter. My Großmutter always had a passion for thrifting and re-using items that most dismissed.  While my mom does not always upcycle, she is a master thrifter and she is the one that taught me the skill of sewing. These generational traits only become more special as I get older. 
The name 'little Warrior' was inspired by my second child. She decided, like everything else in her life, to enter the world on her own terms. She came 6 weeks early and fighting. She has not stopped. Despite her early arrival, she has crushed every milestone and constantly amazes those around her with her stubbornness, independence, and iron will. She is also as weird as they come but we love her and she has brought so much joy into our lives. The second influencer for the name is, of course, my son. His name is Ezekiel, meaning 'God's Strength' which, to me, is a warrior. He is such a bright light in our life; he can charm the sock off a rock, his schmoozing skills are legendary, his hair is unreal, and his heart is sweet and pure. I made these little humans?? 
Starting this small shop has been a way to embrace my passions and to style my kids how"I" want. More than that, it has led me on a journey to learn new things about myself, make new friends, and hopefully build something that my kids will be proud of one day.
Also, my kids wanted to help so quotes from both have been included below;  
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- Burly, 2
- Zeke, 4